“‎It always seemed somehow less real here… a really detailed dream, but sort of washed out, like a thin watercolor. Softer, somehow, even with their electric light and engines and everything. I guess it was because there was hardly any magic.”

seven pipes, seven bells; a lirael instrumental fanmix (tracklist below the cut)
{8tracks} {4keeps}

001 :: mountaintop (gros morne, nl) S H A L A B I / F L E M I N G / A U F D E R M A U R
002 :: the waterdragon J A C K W A L L
     (lirael’s theme)
003 :: fragile n.4 D U S T I N O ’ H A L L O R A N
     (no father, no mother, no sight)
004 :: soot-e-payan K A R E N H O M A Y O U N F A R
     (lirael’s interrupted suicide attempt)
005 :: imaginary air battle J O H N W I L L I A M S
     (the great library of the clayr)
006 :: laura’s murder B E R L I N E R P H I L H A R M O N I K E R
     (behind the doors of the sun and the moon)
007 :: anaemia Z H U A N G T A I Q I U S I
008 :: frozen angels Z O E K E A T I N G
     (creating the dog)
009 :: the possession R O Q U E B A Ñ O S
     (binding the stilken)
010 :: moving mountains T W O S T E P S F R O M H E L L
     (the attack on the cricket team; sameth first meets hedge in death)
011 :: all things beautiful N I C K C A V E A N D W A R R E N E L L I S
     (the healing touch of a father’s hand)
012 :: no rest for the wicked A H A C K A N D A H A C K S A W
     (spring in belisaere)
013 :: silk road Y O M A M A
     (parental absence)
014 :: the cold sea’s embrace P A T R I C K O ’ H E A R N
     (the book of the dead)
015 :: the blitz, 1940 H A R R Y G R E G S O N - W I L L I A M S
     (one hundred thousand innocents)
016 :: thunder in drought T A N D U N
     (the ice otter)
017 :: opposites attract C L I N T M A N S E L L
     (the door of stars and keys)
018 :: 대조영 V A R I O U S
     (lirael’s path)
019 :: short film A N O I C E
     (a guest)
020 :: swing across J E R R Y G O L D S M I T H
     (the clayrs’ vision of nicholas at the red lake)
021 :: i don’t think about you anymore but, i don’t think about you any less H U N G R Y G H O S T S
     (sam the traveller)
022 :: the door opens M A R C O B E L T R A M I
     (when dead do walk)
023 :: sebastian A D R I A N J O H N S T O N
     (sprout founders)
024 :: king john arrives L O R N E B A L F E
     (seek waters’ run)
025 :: a legacy of comfort M A R T I N P H I P P S
     (leaving the glacier)
026 :: the kiss T R E V O R J O N E S
027 :: elizabeth G A R Y S C H Y M A N
028 :: death is the road to awe C L I N T M A N S E L L
     (remembrancer; facing hedge)
029 :: pi and richard parker M Y C H A E L D A N N A
     (lirael and sam)
030 :: kara’s coordinates B E A R M C C R E A R Y
     (high bridge; i made him walk)
031 :: phoenix rising C R I S V E L A S C O
     (the boat captain reveals himself)
032 :: journey north M A R C O B E L T R A M I
     (seven pipes; seven bells)
033 :: no more humans T H E M Y S T E R Y O F B U L G A R I A N V O I C E S
     (battling chlorr’s dead)
034 :: lands of despair B O R I S L A V S L A V O V
     (not even one)
035 :: where the wind lives I S O M U R A Y I K I K O
     (the house)
036 :: 8:03am C A R M I L L E T W I L L I E
     (aunt lirael)
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