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Re-Cut Trailer of the Day: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off re-cut as a Sofia Coppola-esque indie coming-of-age film.


Anonymous: it's odd that the first film to be written by a woman is the most sexist. did they just not allow her to do what she wants or does she have some serious internal misogyny because she's one of the guys? makes ya think.



after james gunn was brought on to the script, she was removed from the project and had no further involvement. gunn made several rewrites to the script, and then worked off of that for the direction of his film. this was the first marvel movie with a woman on the writing credits, yeah, but her name and involvement were definitely secondary to gunn’s. considering gunn has come under fire for extremely sexist humor before, I have no problem laying the blame for the sexist tone of the film on him.

i’m blaming some of it on joss whedon because:

Joss Whedon had some involvement in the writing process for Guardians – James Gunn worked with him to mold the script. Everyone loved Gunn’s original script… except for Joss Whedon, who said he liked it but that it was too conventional and “it needed more James Gunn.” So Gunn took another pass and really went for it. (x)

"The movie establishes that there are no white saviours there to make things better. Belle is forced to do that for herself, and it’s her journey in educating herself and trying to convince her chief justice uncle to vote against the legality of the slave trade that makes the film more fascinating than most films in this genre."Zeba Blay, TIFF 2013 Review on Belle.


THIS MODERN LOVE // a love story for the new age, for late night hand-holding under neon skies that light up your face, for digital heartbeats and synthesized sighs and electric eyes cast towards your sweetheart who shimmers like kaleidoscopic stars in the midnight sky. 

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Your dream stinks.


Kids (MGMT cover)
Of Monsters and Men

Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir (vocals) and Brynjar Liefsson (guitar) cover MGMT’s Kids

How to Survive a trip to IKEA


  • Never go alone- bring a partner. Travel in pairs
  • Before entering, ensure that someone not entering knows you are going in, and when you expect to be out
  • Before entering, determine the cause of your mission- your mission objective. Bookcase? Couch? Oven? Meatballs? Figure it out
  • Upon entering, locate The Path
  • Do not disengage from The Path until you have reached your mission destination. Many have been lost forever to the wilds of IKEA by not obeying this. Very few are ever located again by the sparse store employees.
  • Upon reaching your mission destination, you may disengage from The Path ONLY when accompanied by your partner (physical contact should be maintained- ie, holding hands, holding shirt sleeve, both holding an end of a rope, etc)
  • When you disengage from The Path to acquire the data for your mission objective (ie, the item number for the bookcase, couch, meatballs, etc), it becomes your partner’s responsibility to maintain visual contact with The Path. Much like weeping angel statues, The Path will move if not actively being watched. This will strand you and your partner in the wilds of IKEA, so ensure you choose a partner wisely.
  • Upon acquiring the mission objective data (ie the item number), navigate back to The Path. You may disengage physical contact with your partner once you have safely returned to The Path
  • Do not leave The Path again. It will naturally end at the warehouse/stock section. This is a long, huge hall with many branches.
  • At the entrance of the warehouse section, acquire a cart if necessary. Using your item coordinates, locate your mission objective. Do not leave the main hallway except for the branch where your item is located. Like The Path, the wilds of IKEA sometimes sneak up on travelers that wander the warehouse section
  • Once your item has been loaded, head to the check out section. Do not touch anything in the boxes along the way. They appear to be full of candles or stuffed animals or useful kitchenware; it is a ruse. They are carnivorous.
  • After checking out, exit to the loading area. Load your item, and leave.
  • Do not look in your rearview mirror as you leave. It shouldn’t pursue you if you don’t look back.